Terms & Conditions:

The Jerry Thomas is a smoking club. Smoking small cigars are allowed.

. It’s forbidden for anyone under the age of 18 to enter, even if they’re accompanied by parents or family.

. The Jerry Thomas is a private club that provides subscription to an annual membership. You can apply the card once inside the bar at a cost of € 5 per person. Membership expires on December 31 of the current year. Each customer is invited to keep their membership card and show it to the room staff whenever they wish to return to the room during the year in which the aforementioned is in force. In case of no show, the customer must re-subscribe the membership, always at a cost of € 5.

.The Jerry Thomas guarantees its customers 1 hour and 15 minutes of stay inside the bar. It is not possible to book more than one time slot neither with the same name nor with the name of third parties present at the table. In case of double booking will be taken only the first  slot booked. The staff tolerates 15 minutes of delay from the chosen time, after which the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

. For reservations with a number equal to or greater than 8 seats a minimum spending of € 200 is provided. The reservation will then include a credit card number from which this sum will be deducted. If the account accumulated at the restaurant during the evening should be more than € 200 (already retained during booking), customers will be required to pay to the local only the difference. If the booking results in a no-show of the person concerned, a total amount of 200 € will be charged (two hundred/ euro) and will be issued receipt for the amount charged by credit card. The maximum number of seats per booking is n. 10.
. The Jerry Thomas is a bar with exclusive à la carte menu. There aren’t special formulas for birthday parties, graduation and similar. It is forbidden to bring food inside the restaurant even if accompanied by a regular receipt.
. Small dogs are allowed inside the restaurant.


Cancellation or Modification policy:

Any request for change of arrival time, number of guests and cancellation must be made no later than two before the chosen arrival time. We cannot guarantee any changes to your booking beyond this time limit. In case of failure to comply with our cancellation policy or in case of no-show, we reserve the right to deduct, if applicable, the no-show penalty that is accepted during the booking process

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